The images you upload may not violate pre-existing rights of third parties or breach legal provisions.

This includes copyright, personality and trademark rights, but also radical, defamatory or unconstitutional motifs, logos or texts.

In order to use a design (photography, logo, text, etc.) in My Gold Record Shop, you must be in possession, if any, of the rights to that design. Find out about the use of images, their legal status or ask their rightful owner for a restricted use authorization.

Find out about the legal status of an image before using it or ask the author for the limited right of exploitation.


If a trademark is registered and is copyrighted, you can assume that its use on any personalized product that we can create for you, may cause legal disputes and that we will therefore reject the design.


Below you can see examples of designs that cannot be used in that way and not in a similar way.

Copyrights, trademarks and images.

The following are some well-known logos and brands that are protected by being copyrighted. They may not be printed without the authorization of the trademark owner.


Personality and defamation law

The use of images of famous people for profit or advertising is prohibited, at least without explicit permission. To save ourselves trouble, we just don’t print them..

What happens with designs that violate legal provisions?

The customer should be aware that unauthorized use of copyrighted material can incur many costs. The same is valid for graphics and texts that are defamatory or unconstitutional. In case of legal infringement, My Gold Record Shop will warn the owner of the rights about the necessary legal measures to be taken against the cause of the infringement.

My Gold Record Shop makes a great effort to discover and stop these violations and infractions as quickly as possible. In case of finding suspicious content in our controls, we will eliminate them from our Platform without prior notice and these could generate administrative expenses that will be paid by the client or deducted from any payment that may have previously been made.