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Gold and Platinum Records - 10 Years
Design - 8 years
Photography - 8 years
Carpentry - 10 years
Steel - 7 years
Electronics and control - 10 years


The reason for our gold records.

In 2008, on the occasion of our first wedding anniversary, I was looking for a special gift for my wife. That original gift that she would never forget. A gift that would later unleash everything.

I was always in love with the restoration of old useless pots, now called “Vintage”. And one afternoon in an antique shop, among furniture and chairs, I came across several vinyl records. I had before me, attracting my attention more than any other, a particular album. It was the soundtrack to my wife’s favorite movie: Dirty Dancing.

I bought it without hesitation for a second, and on the way back home, I was thinking about how to prepare this gift, how to improve the experience and make that moment truly unforgettable.

What I first thought about was to frame the vinyl record together with the cover, something different, yes, but it did not convince me at all. Until it occurred to me that I could paint it gold, thus creating a unique, decorative, personalized object that you would undoubtedly like.

That painting from the Dirty Dancing album, the one from our first wedding anniversary, was the first gold record that we created, the one that later everyone asked about it and wanted theirs personalized as well, and that of course we still keep with great affection in our house.


We have created prizes and gifts with gold and platinum * records since 2008. We do not create them for the sake of it, we create them because they have value, whether for sales, downloads or views, or for sentimental value to anonymous stars. Our clients include record companies and production companies, certifying gold and platinum records for sales, designers, TV channels, film production companies, individuals, etc., who need commemorative or corporate gold and platinum records.

Later we also started creating design prizes and gifts, starting with pencil and paper that we materialize in our workshop. We create pieces that we first imagine, we create them from scratch, with the collaboration of our clients, or to expose them in our online store. Our catalog is really big, but if we count on everything being born from our imagination and we create it in our own workshop, then the catalog becomes really big. Methacrylate trophies, wooden trophies, medals, signs, corporeal with LED’s, t-shirt printing, picture frames, photographic enlargements, banners. exhibitors, special packaging, etc. We face and create in record time, all the challenges that you propose to us.

And although we already have a great experience, learning and growth is permanent. And we are always opening ourselves to new terrain and new projects.

The future is wonderful, and we would like to share it with all of you.

Welcome and welcome!


  • We design original products, unique in the world.
  • We work with the best materials available.
  • We offer a wide range of varieties.
  • Personalized budgets free of charge and in 24 hours.
  • We are really fast in our delivery times.
  • We guarantee 100% all our shipments.
  • You will talk to people: we solve all your doubts directly.
  • At all times we are at your disposal

If we don't have it, we create it for you.

Do you need material for your company, your event, original solutions?

Call us, you will always find someone from us willing to answer your questions. And if we hit it off, we’d love to start your project together.

You will have a free estimate in 24 hours.

Constant quality

You will receive exactly what you see, in the photos, videos and quotes.

We work with the best materials available, which offer us versatility, durability and confidence.

And that is what we offer in each of our products, that is our quality.

Fair prices

Both in the wide range of original products that we offer in My Gold Record Shop, as in the personalized estimates, you have items available with fair, competitive prices and with great discounts for quantity.

It is not a cliché, but at fair prices nobody beats us.


We guarantee that you will receive your product in the best conditions and within the expected deadlines. If something improbable happens, we cover 100% of your order to solve it.

For more information in this regard, we advise you to read our conditions of use and purchase.